A few of the loveliest homes look their best at night, cheers to their landscape night lighting techniques. Many people are confused on how to get a similar look for their own home, particularly when it comes for purchasing the right light fittings and where to set them. Here are some tricks and tips for lighting a landscape during night.

1. Work at Night

It is one among a great landscape night lighting methods for those who want to save some money and perform their own outside night lighting. The best time for trailing with night lighting is turning on your outdoor light fixtures at night. You’d even “pre plan” by flash lights for giving yourself an awareness of how the space may look like once you have installed the real light fittings.

Landscape night lighting techniques

Landscape night lighting techniques

2. Remember the various Effects

An expert lighting designer knows the landscape night lighting techniques and it requires different lighting types: silhouetting, up lighting, down lighting, accent, grazing, shadowing and moonlighting. You do not necessarily use all these on single home, but making use of multiple styles and lighting fixtures can give a stylish look to your home.

3. Accenting, up lighting and down lighting

Accenting is used for highlighting specific elements, like a statue or a bird bath. Up lighting is when lighting fixtures are placed hence the light shines mounting onto the item, while down lighting is the straight opposite: lighting fixtures are placed above to shine light down.

Landscape night lighting techniques

Landscape night lighting techniques

4. Silhouetting, Shadowing, moonlighting and Grazing

Silhouetting uses light fittings placed behind a thing so that when lights are turned on, there’s a silhouette. The Shadowing is when numerous light fixtures are set so as to make a shadow in a wall like fence or on the home itself by a wall sconce. Lastly, grazing is when lighting is used to display texture where moonlighting is a method that creates a mild glow similar to the moon.

5. Thoughts for Light Fixtures

While choosing light fittings for your outdoor light scheme, understand what you want for achieving before you buy the actual fixtures. Say for example, if you are going to perform lots of silhouetting with the bushes, you will want to purchase lighting fixtures exactly for that purpose.

Landscape night lighting techniques

Landscape night lighting techniques

6. Maintenance

Lastly, consider maintenance for those fixtures. Lighting fixtures located in the ground should be monitored for wreckage build-up, since they can possibly catch fire in certain items, for example twigs or leaves, build over top. You must routinely clean your fittings, wipe off the debris and dirt from the shades making sure that you’re getting maximum light. Always make substitutes immediately to avoid extra damage, like a fire.

Start thinking of your landscape night light techniques today to improve the look of your home by night and by day!

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