The bright days of summer season bring hot temperatures as well as outdoor gatherings. It is also a period of increased danger of food poisoning. When most Americans understand that May to September poses the main threat of food poison, a recent survey conducted by the Nutrition and Dietetics Academy shows that people are not practising right outdoor food safety measures. So, before you package the picnic basket, keep in mind these simple tips for summer outdoor dining to ensure that uninvited bacteria will not have a place in your table.

Summer Outdoor Dining


  1. Take moist towels or water and soap to clean your surfaces and hands. This is the first and foremost among all the tips for summer outdoor dining.
  2. Bring additional plates – one for holding raw foods as well as another for boiled foods to stay away from cross-contamination. Preserve foods in the fridge. Do not reuse the marinade used on poultry or raw meat unless heated.
  3. Cook your beloved foods to the correct temperature by making use of a food thermometer, burger to as a minimum 160°F and the chicken breasts about 165°F. Never partly grill poultry or meat to finish cooking sooner.
  4. Pack foods in an insulated cooler with lot of ice or the icepacks to maintain temperature under 40°F. Carry the cooler at the rear seat of you’re A/C car instead of your hot trunk. Take away from the cooler just the quantity of raw meat which will fit in the grill.
  5. Unfreeze meat, seafood and poultry in the fridge before taking them into the grill. Do not leave food outdoor in hot weather (95°F or more) for above one hour.
    Summer Outdoor Dining

    Summer Outdoor Dining

  6. Start by adding cushion to chairs. Not alone this will add extra luxury to metal or wooden furniture, but this will encourage people to remain around the table. Also make sure the erratic summer weather does not spoil your party through investing in a gazebo, awning, or parasol to provide shelter from the rain and sun. Comfortable, Thick cushions in the chairs will inspire guests to remain around the table.
  7. You can lay dark brown craft paper over a table for the casually finished look as well as super-easy clean-up. Colour is a big style this year so lay a colorful tablecloth on the table – which would also assist with a quick neat up – and compensating any boring metal and wood garden stuff with bright accessories like flowery chair covers.
  8.  An umbrella not alone has the palpable task of providing shadow; it also helps to define your outdoor eating room.
  9. Keep foods simple for an outdoor picnic: cold drinks, fresh fruit, and salads. And while sun goes down ensure you have lots of lighting to inspire the festivities to linger in the garden.

Whenever the weather warms as well as your parties move out-of-doors, try these simple ideas for summer outdoor dining. A prosperous dinner party does not demand anything extravagant just good company, simple food, and convivial scenery.

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