Make use of the below listed mirrored furniture decorating tips since you should be extremely careful while handling them as they tend to be easily breakable.

  1. Use big mirrors in small rooms: A big mirror in a little room creates the impression of depth, so do not be scared to choose big ones. And, if you are really feeling bold, you could try something still bigger.
  2. Do not place mirrors randomly around your house: It may be tempting to suspend a mirror to occupy empty wall space, still make sure it is reflecting something that is worth looking at.

    Mirrored Furniture Decorating Tips

  3. Make mirrors a crucial point: They are ideal at dressing rooms as well as corners. And, like an added bonus, you’d put a limelight behind one – it lusters and creates a glow.
  4. Do not go overboard with the mirrors at the bedroom and kitchen: Mirrors aren’t necessary in the kitchen since it would need continuous maintenance. And, in case a mirror is at a bedroom reflecting the bed, it is not a decent look. If you undeniably need a mirror at the bedroom, place it in an area where you would not see your reflection when you wake up. Choose this area by remembering the mirrored furniture decorating tips.
  5. Obey the instructions of feng shui: According to the thoughts of feng shui, it is not really noble to have mirrors inside the bedroom in any way. Any mirror opposite to the bed obstructs with your personal liveliness, it’s said that it calls a third party in your intimate relationship. Alternatively, placing a mirror above a fireplace will be a great idea, since it brings energy in the room.
  6. Do not use mirrors on ceiling: This may seem obvious, still it need to be said. Placing a mirror on ceiling is very distressing, state the experts. This is something you could see in cheap motels or in some old movie from the 70s.
  7. Use mirrors in and staircases narrow hallways: A small, horizontal mirror works very well in a staircase or narrow hallway. This would act to broaden the space that creates a good flow from one room to another room.

    Mirrored Furniture Decorating Tips1

  8. Use mirrored furniture: There are numerous innovative mirrored furniture decorating ideas for using mirrored furniture (like a mirrored box of drawers or a mirrored coffee table) in order to enhance your house.
  9. Mirrored furniture is ideal for small spaces or rooms: Small rooms promote a feel of stress and could be very restricting. Placing mirrored furniture helps to give the impression of a broad space and will automatically come out a restraining mood.
  10. Mirrors make the rooms bright: Glossy surfaces distribute more lighting to an area that makes a room to appear brighter, while it lacks natural lighting from windows.
  11. Make use of mirrors at all styles: Mirrors are neutral, hence they blend with all décor style, from Olden World to extremely modern.

Mirrored furniture decoration tips can lend a stylish look to any room décor, recreating olden Hollywood glamor, otherwise adding a modern twist. With all the options available for mirrored pieces, you’ll have no trouble in finding the apt one for your house.

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