The first thing that a person wants to do when he gets into a new home is changing the color inside it. There are number of things that go into considering while selecting the room colors. All you want is some amount of knowledge about the paints and combinations so that you can have the interior walls painted as you like. While most of the people like to depend on the professionals and experts for picking up colors and painting, it is something that you can do all by yourself.




Before you begin to paint, it is important to make sure that the wall surface is smooth and even. It is better to clean it if it is not. To do this the wall should be washed and dried before starting with the work. Preparation should also refer to getting all the things come handy when required. Paints along with the accessories like brushes and rollers should be kept in one place.

Covering the furniture

You would certainly not want your favorite furniture to get stained. And the colors are hard to remove once they stain the furniture. In fact, it is not just the furniture that should be covered. Every object that is not being painted should be wrapped with newspapers or plastic covers. Painting should be started right from the edge and then should proceed towards the borders. After painting the entire area, pay attention to the finishing touch.


While painting the interior walls it is also important to know the type of paint that should be used. There is one thing that should be considered before selecting a color and that is amount of brightness one would want in their rooms. The other thing to consider is the kind of lights which would be used. Dark shades generally have the effect of suppressing the brightness of the room while light shades keep the rooms bright.

Be creative

In case you follow the same manner in which your contractor would have painted then it can be a useless idea. Painting yourself calls for creativity and if you want the interior walls to look different, you have to play around with the colors. Just avoid being monotonous and try some shades that are vibrant as well as soothing to the eyes.



Double coating

Do not sit at rest when you have done one round of painting. Let them dry and give it another coat. This will bring out the true color and make it last longer too.

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