Materials & Tools Required

  1. Wet saw (along with diamond blade)
  2. Wax pencil knife Belt sander (sandpaper)
  3. Caulking gun Silicone caulk Trowel (flat)
  4. Trowel (notched for smearing mastic)
  5. Non-sanded grout sealer.

Steps to tile a countertop

With all these materials and by following the below instructions you can easily carry out the process of tiling a countertop yourself.

Step one: Remove the Sink

Remove the Sink

Switch off the water source lines to sink and detach the hoses and drain. If you’ve a garbage disposal, you’ll have to take away that as well (ensure to switch off the circuit breaker before detaching the disposal).

Step two: Prep and Clean the Countertop

Carefully clean the countertop for removing all dirt, oils and debris. If you’re tiling a laminate countertop, make use of the very coarse sandpaper or belt sander to scratch the surface of laminate.

Step three: Install the Sink Railing

Install the Sink Railing

Apply the glue mastic to the rear of the sink railing and install it in the front edging of the countertop.

Step four: Wait to dry

The next step for tiling a countertop of kitchen is to wait for this mastic to completely dry prior to proceed with tile installation.

Step five: Dry fix the Tiles

Place the tiles in the countertop at whichever plan you want before applying the adhesive.

Step six: Cut those Tiles

Use wet saw with the diamond blade for cutting the tiles along with the wax pencil outlines you made.

Step seven: Clean the surface

When the tiles had been cut and then dry-fit, laid them somewhere for time being and make the surface clean to remove any dirt that had been left in the dry-fitting procedure.

Step eight: Apply Adhesive and place the Tile

Working at small regions at a time, consistently apply the glue mastic using a serrated trowel and start placing the tiles in appropriate place.

Step nine: Apply the Grout

Take away the tile spacers in case you used them. Apply the grout using the cross pattern and just work one division at a time hence you do not get too far along of yourself.

Step ten: Re-Install Sink

Fit the sink again in its area and reconnect all the drainage pipes and water supply lines.

how to tile a countertop

Step eleven: Seal the Plaster Lines

Most grout producers recommend you wait as a minimum three days for that grout to fully settle before applying the grout sealer. And this step completes the guide of how to tile a countertop.

Generally, tile countertops can be installed in bars, bathrooms, kitchens or other places somewhere a countertop is required. You don’t need to be an expert tile layer for tiling a countertop. It’s possible to get proficient results by following the above steps on how to tile on a countertop.

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