It requires high dosage of creativity to decorate high-ceiling interiors. It is not that difficult and is at par with decorating any common sized rooms. It might seem to be a daunting task but when some effective tips implemented with innovative ideas makes sure that the maximum utilisation of the rooms can be done. It is important that people do not clutter the place in an attempt to make the room look much fuller.

Ceiling walls

Ceiling walls

1.   Rule of thirds

Similar to art and photography, splitting a wall in 3 equal parts while decorating rooms with high ceilings, guarantees both balance and success. The 1st step would be to imagine the room split in 3 different parts. The first one can be adorned with judges panelling, the second one for paintings and leaving the third one as it is. But there are endless possibilities, as there is no hard-and-fast rule. The main idea is in creating focal points and reducing the scary feel of high ceilings.

2.   Lighting

Rather wasting money on irrelevant lighting fixtures, one should be dedicating their attention and time on this one. In a tall bedroom, kitchen or living room, chandeliers can be put into great use to add some elegance. Lighting can also be used to divide areas subtly.

3.   Paintings, frames and graphic art

Paintings are a must when one is trying to decorate places with high ceilings. It is because they add elegance, nobility and life. But the soberness that come hand-in-hand with art is not appreciated by everyone. So it is best to arrange the graphic art in one’s own way.

4.   Accent walls

Colour is a great way of accentuating the height and bringing drama to the place. By simply painting only one wall in bold colour, the unpainted walls and the high ceilings will be connected automatically at different levels. It will give a unique personality and fresh look to the space.

Ceiling walls

Ceiling walls

5.     Curtains

These help in adding a homey feel to the tall space. One can try wall-covering models or just 2/3rd of it. A breezy feel is ensured by white curtains, with red bringing in THAT extra energy and darker hues adding an intriguing dramatic feel. If one is planning to shrink the room, then they can opt for black materials. For cohesion, one should make sure that drapes’ colour gets repeated somewhere else. Patterned designed, on the other hand, will ensure visual appeal and diversity.

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