As the saying goes “Charity Begins at Home”, it is always better to consider green ideas for the home before one decides to go out and protect the environment from various adverse effects. Provided below are the different ways through which one can maintain a safer and greener house:

Green Home

Green Home

Save Energy

  • It is always recommended to set the thermostat at a lower degree during winter and higher degree during summer to save extra costs.
  • CFLs can be installed within the house in place of incandescent bulbs.
  • Unplugging appliances when not in use need to be followed on a regular basis and making use of smart power strip which cuts off energy use when appliances are not used is considered to be an extremely wise decision when it comes to green ideas for homes.
  • Clothes should be washed in cold water as much as possible as huge amount of energy is spent on heating the water.

Save Water

  • It is always recommended to take shorter showers for reducing water usage.
  • Low flow showerhead can be installed as it helps with energy and water savings.
  • Faucet Aerator needs to be installed on each faucet as not only they help in conserving water and heat but also keeps the water pressure high.
  • Drought-tolerant plants should be planted in the garden as they require much less water unlike other plants.

Less Usage of Gas

  • It is always better to bike or walk to work. Apart from saving on gas costs and parking, it helps to keep the body fit and healthy.
  • Telecommuting is a good option for those who live far away from their office. Another option is to move closer even if it means paying increasing rent as it proves beneficial in long run.
    Green Home

    Green Home

Eat Smart

  • Those who eat meat should make it a point to have one meatless meal at least in a week.
  • Among these green ideas, an important factor is to buy locally raised organic dairy, eggs and meat whenever possible. If the products are purchased from local farmers then the money stays within the local economy.
  • It is always advisable to maintain an eating habit which focuses on eating low on food chain especially in case of seafood.
  • Bottled water should be avoided at all costs and water filter can be used for purifying the tap water as it helps in less generation of container waste.

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