With rising concerns over global warming, majority of people are resorting to the use of eco-friendly products so as to save and protect the environment from further destruction. Provided below are some of the quite popular eco friendly products:

Eco Friendly Home Products

Eco Friendly Home Products

1.     Hand Powered Shredder

The hand powered shredder is quite a useful device which requires no electricity for its operation. The device consists of 2 end caps twisting in opposite directions which activates the machine and helps to shred documents easily.

2.     The Green Lamp: Float

Benjamin Hubert, the designer of float came up with this lighting solution not only to protect the environment but also to offer the house with an elegant look. It is made of cork recovered from wine cork manufacturer and definitely deserves a place among eco friendly products. It is capable of offering a nice ambience and can be installed from the ceiling of the room.

3.     Moss Carpet

Nguyen La Chanh is the creator of moss carpet which is actually made of plastazote, imputrescible foam. The mat consists of forest moss, island moss and ball moss. The moss thrives on the bathroom’s humidity and that is the reason why it should only be kept in the bathroom.

4.     Eco Friendly Chair

Most people are familiar with corks as it can be easily found in wine bottles and corkboard. But coming across a chair made of cork is rather unusual. CUT chair which is a stylish and sleek chair is actually made up of cork discarded from cork industries. The fashionable look and design of the chair offers a unique and sophisticated appeal to the room and is one of the best products that people would prefer to include within their house.

5.     Water Powered Clock: Bedol

The amazing thing about this clock is that it is powered by salt water. The electrodes of the clock get corroded by salt water which results in the release of electrons providing power to Monochrome LCD. The clock is available in different colours and costs $ 16.

Eco Friendly Home Products

Eco Friendly Home Products

6.     Green Fashionable Rings

The stylish and wonderful eco-friendly bracelets and rings were created by Anthony Roussel. The rings are basically made of recycled cork and wood, while it comes in beautiful 3D designs. The rings are attractive, eye-catchy and can be sported with nearly all types of outfits. The user can sport them for any events like social gathering with colleagues and friends or a simple family get together.

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