Energy efficient or eco friendly homes are increasingly getting popular and that is the reason why majority of people are resorting to the use of eco friendly home designs to protect and save the environment in every way possible. Provided below are some of the ideas for eco friendly tips:

Eco-friendly home designs

Eco-friendly home designs

1.     Efficient Space Utilization

Before designing the home, it is necessary to make sure that space is utilized in the most efficient manner along with considerable ventilation. Apart from being unnecessary, large spaces tend to use more energy for cooling down or warming. The eco-friendly designs require considerable attention towards practical provision for the storage places. The bedroom can be designed with drawers on both sides of a cot for efficient storage instead of coming up with huge wardrobe units. It is always advisable to consult with the specialists before the implementation of any green ideas.

2.     Make Use of Safe and Local Raw Materials

While constructing the home, it is always better to utilize raw materials that are produced locally. A vital factor to consider while coming up with green ideas for home design is that the building materials should be non-synthetic and non-toxic. One can opt for local products like wood and stone instead of synthetic materials and highly priced wood.

3.     Alternate Energy Sources

One of the primary elements of eco-friendly designs is to make sure that the home is not fully dependant conventional electricity. Geysers and solar panels can be used for saving energy consumption as well as costs. Energy-efficient options like CFL light bulbs can be used for lighting fixtures and appliances. Even though the light offered by these bulbs is considerably less than that of traditional bulbs, it certainly helps to protect the environment.

Energy efficient glazing can be used on windows and doors so as to keep the rooms warm or cold depending on the season. Provisions need to be made for proper ventilating systems in order to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

Eco-friendly home designs

Eco-friendly home designs

4.     Water Conservation Techniques

Increasing water consumption has turned out to be a critical environmental issue. Therefore, it is important to employ the use of water conservation techniques while building a green house. Provisions need to be made for recycling water and using it so as to reduce consumption. For example, water used within the house can be used for watering the garden area of the house. Rain harvesting is another wonderful idea which can be put to use.

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