The market of eco friendly paints has grown considerably over the past few years. This is simply because of the fact that they offer the same advantages of conventional paints and come without harmful added solvents, chemicals or odours. Most of the environment friendly paints are free from carcinogens like mercury and lead in their formulas. Companies are now starting to shift their attention towards such paints as the demand has increased considerably. 

Eco-friendly paints

Eco-friendly paints


1.     Farrow & Ball

The water based formula of paint used by the company helps in the reduction of solvents within the paints and offers zero VOC. Colours of the paints are extracted from natural ingredients like linseed oil, lime putty and china as well as natural pigments. Harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and ammonia are not included within the paints.

2.     Marston & Langinger

The eco friendly paints offered by Marston & Langinger are available in seventy two different shades in eggshell and matte for interiors along with eggshell for exteriors. The paints manufactured by the company are non-toxic, water based, virtually odourless and non-flammable. When the paints dry up, they are absolutely safe for children and pets.

3.     SafePaint

SafePaint has already made a name for itself in the paint market with its unique milk protein paint formula. Apart from being zero VOC, the paint is biodegradable and organic and is specifically manufactured for use on the walls. The milk paint is non-toxic and environmentally safe without producing any odour after it dries.

4.     C2 LoVo Paint

This is a premium low VOC and non-toxic paint offering the users with huge range of colour options. The best thing about this paint is that one can customize it any colour. The C2 Studio was introduced in the year 2012 which is a value-priced low VOC paint available in 496 C2 colours.

5.     Mythic Paint

The coverage and durability offered by Mythic Paint is pretty similar to that of premium paint. These eco friendly paints are ultra low odour, zero VOC and non-toxic which offer the users with the peace of mind that they are not harming the environment in any way. The manufacturer of Mythic Paints is Auro, which is a German based company.

Eco-friendly paints

Eco-friendly paints

6.     Green Planet Paints

These paints avoid the use of petroleum which is considered to be a sustainable product developed from mineral pigments and plant resins. The Green Planet Paints are available in 3 finishes namely semi-gloss, eggshell and flat along with one hundred and twenty clay and mineral based colours.

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